Inaugural Post

I, like a lot of people, am intimidated by the idea of a blog.  What should I write about?  How often should I write?  Who is really going to read my thoughts?  I do, however, feel that blogging is a great way to open up my mind to the world and have my voice heard.

Schools are changing, but that change is going to take time, vision, and leadership.  With those truths at the forefront of my thinking I am setting out to be a positive agent of change through the use of technology in my classroom.  The area of technology that I feel has the potential to be the most impactful is social media.  Sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. have minimized the size of the world and hold the potential to do great things.  The incorporation of blogging further develops the power that this growing social media network can have.  That is the primary purpose that I have set up and intend to pursue the use of this blog to voice my opinions and thoughts on education.

My hope is that down the road, when I develop a more thorough understanding of the blogosphere I will be able to incorporate my learning experiences into my own classroom.  With that kind of experience I could then share with others, through personal and technological connections, what I have learned and help shape the future of education.


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4 responses to “Inaugural Post

  1. I have defiantly seen how Facebook, and other technologies have made the world smaller. I worked last year on a pen pal program with a teacher in America with my Bulgarian students and it was so fulfilling but also when they exchanged Facebook pages it allowed them to ask questions that I thought I would never hear before or ever have to explain. It allowed me to teach other lessons I didn’t know I had to teach and allowed students to learn more.

    • purplepolitico,
      I love the idea of coordinating with students around the world through the use of social media. There is a great collective pool of experiences out there that should be tapped and shared. Thanks for posting.

  2. Cindy Nobles-Bristow

    The educational world is indeed changing and teachers have the opportunity to create an atmosphere that will enhance student learning. In my opinion, the most engaged students and classrooms will be those that use current technology to positively impact learning. The problem arises in that many teachers are so overwhelmed with what is available and don’t even know where to begin. Inservice learning must embrace technology learning opportunities for teachers.

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