The Flipped Classroom

Day 1 – 1/5/12

I began a new teaching adventure today into the world of the flipped classroom. It was syllabus day and we discussed the idea behind it and how the format would work and what it would mean. The general consensus amongst the students is that it could be less work overall and a better opportunity to master the material in the classroom. Using a group of gifted students should give me a good read on just how much more I can cover in terms of depth as I undergo this experiment.

I have decided to use Educreations for the brunt of the posting that I will be doing for this class. It is a free app that works in many of the same ways as showme, but it has the advantage of being able to write on multiple slides while narrating. Educreations also has a class feature that allows me to make my posts private and only viewable to my students if I choose to do so. I toyed with the idea of using a screencasting set-up but ended up with the thought that seeing my face was not nearly as important as seeing the material and hearing my voice.

Some of the logistics of the class are still giving me a headache, the efficient use of my class time being a major source of conflict. I am finding that it is difficult to make long-term plans for my class time since so much of my time previously had been set aside for direct instruction. Tonight will be the first major test though as my students have an assignment to watch two videos and come in prepared with a certain task. I am looking forward to seeing the results.


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