Flipped Classroom – 1/10/12


After creating and posting 5 videos I can say that I am so far happy with the results that I have seen. Students are showing a lot of enthusiasm for the material and the opportunity to use technology in a new and exciting way. I have had several parents approach me about the idea of the flipped classroom and they tell me that their children are excited about school again. As a teacher of high school students, this is a great bit of news!

I have faced a couple of challenges in the early going thus far. The first problem that I have run into is more logistical than anything else and that is getting the videos created and posted earlier enough so that my students can view them at home and come prepared to discuss them during the week. To this point, I have only managed to get a couple of days ahead them. This is a big change for me from having the notes typed out and delivering them in the classroom. The other challenge that I have faced so far is finding the right balance between reviewing and questioning of what they viewed at home and using our classroom time for activities and practice. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that I have two other classes that I am not flipping and therefore and running in a more traditional manner. At times, during my planning, I have confused myself. The material is the same, but the approach and planning necessary is completely different!

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