Flipped Classroom – 1/24/12

We are approaching the end of our first unit of study using the idea of the flipped classroom and I have to say that I am excited to see how my students do on their first test tomorrow. Despite some difficulty in getting the videos posted several days before discussing in class, I feel that the students are embracing the concept and have done a good job of doing their part. For the most part, students are viewing the videos (often multiple times) and are coming into class with prepared questions for discussion. I have found that I cover concepts much quicker and have a lot of class time to do more in-depth practice and talk about the material in more detail. One of the big take aways from the experience, so far, is that students have the opportunity to re-view the lessons any time they want or need to. I have had several comments made already about how they didn’t understand it the first time, so after talking about it in class they re-watched the videos and now they have a firm grasp of the concept. This made me happy and well worth the time and effort that I have put into it.

In my next post I should have some results from the first test and just how effective the flipping has been…looking forward to it!

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