Obstacles in Education

I need to start by saying that it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I could cite a lot of different reasons for this like being too busy or not having anything to say, but those would just be excuses. The reality is I have been trying to listen more and speak less, and by listen I mean read more about what is going on. In my reading, one theme keeps resurfacing, reflection is important for learning and growth. This blog and my postings should be a reflection of my learning, so with that I dive back in.

This summer I finally got caught in the next that the Michigan legislature cast out in 2002, the requirement of a literacy instruction course for the issuance of my professional teaching certificate. When that requirement was enacted, I was still completing my undergraduate in biology and chemistry with an emphasis on secondary education. When I completed my bachelor’s and student teaching, I received a provisional certificate to teach and moved to Georgia in 2005 to start my career, as jobs were few and far between in Michigan. During my time in Georgia, I earned two graduate degrees; a master’s in curriculum and instruction and a educational specialist in leadership, as well as a gifted education endorsement. None of that mattered when my final renewal of my provisional teaching license expired at the end of June. With all options exhausted I was forced to enroll in a class this summer that would meet the state’s requirement for me to earn my professional teaching certificate, a class that I will be finishing up next Wednesday.

Here is the crux of my frustration with this situation: I completely understand and in favor of continuing one’s academic growth and development as an educator, I proved that with my graduate degrees and Georgia endorsements, but I am not in favor in jumping through hoops. There are currently two pieces of legislation that are sitting in committee in the Michigan House of Representatives that would have rendered my need to take this class irrelevant: HB4084 (Tedder) would eliminate the need for the course to attain the professional license, and HB4614 (Miller) would allow for unlimited renewals of the provisional teaching certificate. If either of these bills were to have gained any traction, I could have spent my summer doing what I do all year, reading, reflecting, and generating ideas on how to improve my school and the education field.

I went into my literacy course this summer very frustrated, but I decided to try to make the most of my situation. I have put effort and focus into my learning, but I must say that the material that I have learned about this summer does not have much applicability to what I do on a daily basis (I am a secondary principal) other than providing me some background to support my teachers. It is not that the class was bad or not worthwhile, but rather that it is not in line with my professional duties and responsibilities. It leaves me wondering about one big thing:

In this time of teacher shortage and verbal attacks on schools, why are we making it harder to be in education? Shouldn’t we be working together to find solutions rather than providing obstacles that divert us away from the problems we need to address?

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