17-18 Goals and Game Plan

In two days the staff will return to school and one week from tomorrow halls will once again be graced with the energy of the youth as students return for the 2017-2018 school year. And I, for one, could not be more excited about the start of a new school year. I don’t know if it is my new role of principal, the incredible #PureMichigan summer that I enjoyed, or the renewed vigor that comes from hope in change. Most likely it is all of these things and more coming together to create the result that I’m as excited, if not more, to start this school year than any other in my career!

With many of the administrative tasks to getting the school year started out of the way, and the opening planned out for both staff and students, I have turned inward with my thoughts toward my own goals for this school year. At the school level, I know that I don’t want to change much until I learn what makes MCMS tick. I want to learn about all of my teacher’s styles and motivations before I tinker with anything. I want to develop relationships with staff and students and build a team mindset. Most of all, I want to continue my own growth and development as an educator.

With that in mind I have laid out a goal for myself of spending an hour per day in reflection and growth. I’m writing this down and sharing it with the blog-o-sphere to make it real and to hold myself accountable.

Image result for a thought without action is merely a dream

A goal without an action plan, though, is just a dream, so here is my plan. Each day of the week I will access a different source for my learning. Sure, I may crossover some from time to time, but I hope to use these starting points to drive my learning.

  • Monday = Twitter
  • Tuesday = TEDTalks
  • Wednesday = Journals and Books
  • Thursday = YouTube
  • Friday = Pocket (articles collected during the week while browsing)
  • Saturday/Sunday = books, writing (journals and blogging), Farnam Street

My goal and action plan are lofty, but I seek personal and professional improvement. Nothing worth having is easy.

What are your go to sources for professional and personal enlightenment?


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