My Story

Name: Chris Ming

Role: Principal of Marine City Middle School, East China School District Data and Assessment Coordinator

Previous Work: Teacher – HS Chemistry (Grayson and Loganville HS, Georgia), Assistant Principal/Athletic Director (Marine City High School), Macomb Area Conference President (16-17)

Education: Bachelor of Science (Biology/Chemistry) at Michigan State, Master of Arts (Curriculum and Instruction) at Central Michigan, Educational Specialist (Leadership) at Oakland University

Interests: Reading, Hiking, Coaching, Athletics, Learning


3 responses to “My Story

  1. Hey Chris, I would love to follow your blog but I don’t see a button allowing me to do so, guide me! Good stuff.

    Mitch Weathers

  2. Maryann Hanley-Pereira

    Hello. I am a chem/bio teacher in Massachusetts. I have started using educreations and saw your videos. They are terrific! I have been teaching for 33 years but I just started trying to make my own videos. I have looked at and I also took a professional development day where I received Camstasia Studio. Do you have any advice? At this point I feel a bit overwhelmed. I just bought an ipad and the educreations seemed easiest to use so far. Did you ever have students look at videos from other teachers and if so how did you do this with educreations? Thank you so much for your feedback. Maryann Hanley-Pereira

    • Hello Maryann,

      It is exciting to hear that you are diving into the world of flipped/blended learning. I completely understand the feeling that you are having of being overwhelmed, and rest assured that it is a common way to feel when taking on this type of task. With that in mind, linked below is a website that I created and have shared with other teachers looking to make the move to recorded lessons. It won’t answer every question that you have, but hopefully it will address some of them.

      ” title=”Getting Started with a Flipped Classroom” target=”_blank”>

      I haven’t done a whole lot with Sophia nor Camstasia, but they work well depending on what your needs are. My best advice to you is to figure out what you want for your students and then select the best tool to make that work for you and them. Since you have already purchased and iPad, my personal opinion is that Educreations is the simplest way to write your lessons. In addition to ease of use, the creators of Educreations (Wade and Chris) are very dedicated to working with teachers toward improving the app and enhancing student learning. They consistently ask for feedback and use that to shape advancements with the app. Since the time that I started using it, Educreations has evolved considerably and become more user friendly for both teachers and students.

      When I was writing lessons my basic procedure was:

      1. Figure out the start and end point of my instruction (I tried to limit to a max of 7-10 minutes)
      2. Download to Dropbox all of the pictures I thought I would need to create a visual for my students.
      I would highly recommend opening a dropbox account (free) and downloading it to your iPad; it is fully integerated in the Educreations app.
      3. Lay out all of the pictures and “pre-voice recording” writing on the storyboard
      4. Record the audio.
      5. When finished, I obviously saved, but I also delivered my content in a couple of different ways; posting to the Educreations website (standard), copying the link to my class website with a “view by date”, and tweeting it out (many of my students simply followed me on Twitter and grabbed it from there when I posted it).

      To answer your last question, no I never had students look at videos from other teachers. I did, however, have colleagues that I taught with who used my videos with their students in cases where the student missed school or simply needed to hear it a different way. I am not opposed to using other teachers’ material, I just wanted to see the flipped approach out 100%. One of the cool things about educreations is that students can go directly to their website ( and search by subject or teacher. Another option here would be giving the students a direct link to the videos that you want them to watch.

      I hope this lengthy response answers your questions. If you have any others, however, I would be more than happy to help. Good luck on your blended learning project and if you would ever like feedback on any of your videos let me know.


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