My Professional and Personal Learning

I have always felt compelled to continue my learning and have sought out resources that will help me to develop both as a person and as a professional. Learning to me is not just about reading the words on the page of a book or article, but rather about how I interact with the material. I say material, because there are a lot of different ways to learn and many media to learn from. I have found that when I interact with different sources of information, my learning is not just what I am seeing or hearing, but it also involves what I am feeling and thinking as a result of what I am taking in.

As a result of this revelation on my learning and how I process information I have put together a Google Doc to track the excerpts and ideas generated from my reading of different resources. I believe that sharing my learning and interacting with others is important for my development as both a professional but, more importantly, as a person in an educated society. Below is the link to what I am reading and how I am thinking.

Excepts and Ideas from Readings